Episode Choose Your Story Unlimited Free Passes Hack

Episode Free Passes Hack

Wondering how to get Episode Free Passes and become the master of Episode quickly? Let’s find out how?

The popular game Episode was the best rated game created by Pocket Gems in 2014. Pocket Gems is a mobile game developer launched in 2009.

Introducing Episode

Who doesn’t love listening or reading stories? Ever wished you could create your storyline or determine a specific ending for your favorite character in the story? If so, you must’ve come across the well-known game Episode - Choose Your Story. It’s an interactive game where you can decide what will happen in the next episode. The new generation has shown a keen interest towards this interesting entertainment.

If you think that Episode is another interactive game out there, its time to rethink! Realize the fact that there are only a handful of games that offer a similar experience to this one. This is because Episode allows each player to be the creator of their story. An explosion of interactive, creative, and immersive feel! You can create stories as per your choice in any given scenario. This makes the game as open-ended as possible. There is no fixed method or way to play it. Episode stories may differ for each player as its based on their choices and imagination.

How To Ace While Playing Episode?

Other than the main game content and the different stories involved, you will come across 2 primary resources. You can use these resources to proceed to the next stages. These are:

Episode Gems

Gems are your precious currencies that you can use in this game.

Episode Passes

The passes help you to fast forward quickly or even skip a chapter that you have no interest in.

To suit the game as per your choice, let's find out in detail about the Episode Passes.

What Are Episode Passes Hack Generator Tools?

Episode enables the user to generate content other than the actual stories made by the App developers. Do you wish to make the stories much better? You require episode gems and passes for various purposes at different stages. You can buy passes inside the game. They are also available by trading real currency. Wondering how to get free passes on episode iphone? Fret not! They are available on iOS and Android platforms.

The easiest way to get lots of passes is by buying them. However, they are quite costly. That’s when episode free passes hack generator tool comes to the rescue. No need to download any tools or codes to run this on your smart gadget. You don’t have to worry about any malicious content by using these free episode passes hack generator. It works seamlessly on all smart phone devices irrespective of the platform used. You can also use it on your home PC without any issues.

It’s the innate trait of any ardent player to look out for all the available hacks and cheats of their favorite game. Episode Gamers can’t be left out in this case. Different online hack tools are available that can assist you in advancing the game. The most essential aspect here is that the tool should be easy to use and free. You should also see to it that your data is safe. Note that some belong to the ethically questionable category. While using such tools, you will have to take complete responsibility for your actions. Also, remember that just because you know how to do it doesn’t mean you have to do it. The information is for educational purpose only. With that said, let’s move on.

These online tools generate an unlimited amount of free episode passes. Planning to try out these generator tools? Then select wisely. This is because most of them are not trustworthy and reliable. You will find that some tools cause excess strain on your device. This may result in your device slowing down or your smart phone hanging occasionally. Some may introduce viruses or Trojans into your phones. Whereas some may not even work properly.

The best tools should work online without asking for any downloads or installations. Since third party interventions are absent, these tools work quickly. Go for ones that are safe and secure and safeguard your privacy. Also, as these tools at not traceable, you don’t have to worry about getting banned.

The Need For Episode Free Passes Hack

By using Episode Interactive cheats, you can become the master of the game. With the help of unlimited episode free passes 2016, you can do lots of things inside episode. Here are some places where you will find the use of these Episode app cheats.

Customizing the character:

Here you can select the hairstyle and other aspects of the Avatar. At times, the app will ask you to select a special outfit. These suits can enhance your relationship in the story. During such situations, knowing how to acquire free episode passes would be great. This is mainly because special outfits are quite costly. You may need lots of Episode cheats to get them and enhance your relationships. Remember that add ons improves and boosts your storyline.

How To Acquire Free Episode Passes Directly?

Starting gaming enthusiastically! Need Episode passes to proceed quickly. Here comes the question: how to get more passes for episode? Don’t have the patience to go through all the various methods and have cash to spend? Go ahead and buy more passes on episode using actual cash. In-app purchase options are available inside the game.

You need to follow some simple steps to expand your app resources. Even if you don’t have sufficient storage space on your smart phone or PC, you need not worry. This generator functions without any extra downloads. All you have to do is directly visit the episode passes generator page by clicking the link right below.

Type in your username used for the game here. This username will be safely hidden from any tracking to avoid getting banned. Hence you need not worry about losing the progress of your storyline. You’ll also find that all the Gems and Passes you purchased earlier remains untouched. As for the new episode resources, it will be automatically added to your stash.

After entering your username, type in the amount of episode free passes you require. Next, click on the option ‘Generate Now!’. Is the game still running in the background? If so, exit from the game and refresh the app once again. Once you get back into the game, you can see the new purchases credited in your account. Feel free to use them right away. You can use it to purchase resources like ready-made looks and outfits or hike the pace of your stories. Adding new Episode free passes won’t affect your gameplay in any manner. You can also get episode passes by completing various tasks. This will further increment your collection.

Before opening your wallet, know that transfer of purchases is possible only between the same operating system. That is from android to android or from iOS to iOS platforms. In case you’re planning to change your smart phone shortly, try postponing the purchase till you you switch your mobile device.

There are certain reports from gamers that their purchases are not reflecting in the game. In such cases, contact the customer support team to solve the issue.

Other Ways To Earn Episode Free Passes

In Episode – Choose Your Story, you will find various ways in which you can get free episode passes. The easiest method is to wait simply. Resources are usually generated daily. You can move forward in the game if you have enough patience to wait. It can be quite frustrating to wait for passes, especially when you are halfway through the story. This is because after waiting for four hours, you will get only three episode passes. In case you play a new story or story with new chapters, you will get one free episode pass to start.

Can’t wait any further? Lets find out the various methods to acquire those game currencies.

Using referral codes

Try getting referral codes from fellow players. You will find lots of forums for this game where you can get referral codes by just visiting.

The promo code from 4KidsGaming provides 5 free passes. Get it from its Youtube channel:

Finishing more stories

As you proceed with your story, you will get Episode passes occasionally. This takes place when you complete some achievements and accomplishments. This is one of the easiest and best way to acquire huge amounts of free episode passes and rewards within the game. By using this method, you can also make sufficient progress in your storyline.

Using Facebook

Players of this game can acquire lots of episode currency using this method. All you have to do is connect the game using your Facebook account. In this manner, you can gain enough episode passes to proceed quickly without being stuck in the middle of your story.

Final Thoughts

There are various aspects the players should be aware of as they start playing the game Episode – Choose Your Story. The incredible features include in-app purchases, the use of the two main currencies - episode gems and passes, and much more. The best part is you will also find numerous Episode hack tools online to generate free episode passes.

Use these unlimited Episode passes and immerse in the world of creative storytelling!